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Not to toot our own horn...

But it seems like people love us! And, if we're being honest, who could blame them?

We do awesome work! Don't believe us?

Maybe you'll believe some of these other people's opinions.

I loved my haircut from Moriah today! the studio is so beautiful and has a very comfortable feel! definately recommend checking it out! 🤩🤩


Love my new hair by Moriah!!! Great service and its everything I wanted, thank you!!! 10 stars👌


Moriah is seriously a hair magician goddess! She is so talented and amazing at doing hair. She has done countless color jobs on my hair and every time it is STUNNING. We are lucky to have her here!


Had an amazing experience today. Great environment and great staff, I am a tough person to cut as I never know what to do, and I don’t have a good idea of what to do. ... I see big things in store for this place and look forward to coming back. I would recommend Mossy Maple to anyone looking for an all around great time and fantastic cut.


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